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Official Book Trailer: Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury

Title: Allerleirauh 
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy / Fairytale Adaption / Historical Romance

Once Upon a Time…
In the Kingdom of Tränen, a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he'll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair. In time, the king's eyes are turned by his daughter. Realizing her father’s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick him by requesting impossible gifts: dresses created by the sun, moon and stars, and a coat made of a thousand furs. But when he is successful, Aurelia sacrifices her privileged life and flees her kingdom, disguised by the cloak and a new name, Allerleirauh.

She enters the safe haven of Saarland der Licht, where the handsome and gentle Prince Klaus takes her under his care. Hoping not to be discovered by her father’s courtiers, Allerleirauh tries to remain hidden under her new identity when she finds unexpected love with Prince Klaus, even though his arranged marriage to the princess of a neighboring kingdom approaches. Risking everything, Allerleirauh must face her troubled past and her fears of the future along her journey to self-acceptance in this triumphant retelling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tale.

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Chantal Gadoury is a young author who currently lives in her hometown, Muncy PA. She enjoys to paint, drink a good cup of coffee when she can and enjoys her favorite Disney classics. When she’s not busy crafting or reading, Chantal is dedicated to her family: A Mother, sister and a furry-puppy-brother (and sends a prayer to her Dad, who now resides in heaven.) As a 2011 college graduate from Susquehanna University, with a degree in Creative Writing, writing novels has become a dream come true!

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Monday, June 26, 2017

How Photography Inspires My Writing Life

Photography and writing both tell stories. One is with pictures. The other uses words. I've been interested in photography for a while. It wasn't until 2 years ago that I realized I'd love to pursue it as a career.

Before I started working, photography got me out of the house. As a writer, you can spend most of your day in front of the computer and not even realize it. Not good for your body. Being at the computer all day hurt by back, my fingers and my wrist. Then there's the lack of exercise. Going outside to take photos fixed that problem.

When I got stuck in my stories, I'd take Oreo and my camera on a long walk. By the time I got back, I'd have some idea where I'd want the story to go...most times.

Photos are also good writing prompts. If you're following this blog, you probably read my Story and Photo series. I use that to exercise my writing muscles. Gather photos covering the same theme and write a story from them.

You know how most authors, or people, make up stories of the people they see on the street. I weave stories in my head about certain places and things I photograph. Just for fun.
I could totally imagine tiny magical people living in this.

I sometimes even freak myself out when taking pictures of scary things. I catalog that feeling to use in a story.

There's something about a good photo that's just uplifting. Let's say I got a rejection or a bad review. Getting a good shot, like one of a bird spreading its wings, can make me feel so much better.

Photography is just fun. I throw myself into a shot and I forget about anything that's been weighing me down. I look back at my old photos and feel a nice spark with I find a gem I totally forget about. I could go to the same place for years and always find something different to take a picture of.  Photography, like writing, is always an adventure. 

Are you a photographer? Why do you like taking photos?

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Week in Links 6/23/17: Jurassic World, Wonder Woman, Han Solo Movie

Welcome to the weekly roundup of links for fantasy, sci-fi, horror readers and writers

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WONDER WOMAN About to Become Highest Grossing Movie Directed by a Woman
Star Wars Han Solo Film Loses Its Directors 11 Months Before Release
Ron Howard will step in to rescue Han Solo movie
Winter is Here: Game of Thrones S7 Gets a New Massively Epic Trailer #WinterIsHere
Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hard Mode Has Separate Save

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ahe'ey by Jamie Le Fay

Title: Ahe'ey
AuthorJamie Le Fay
Genre: Epic Fantasy Romance

Morgan’s feminist books didn’t prepare her to deal with the dashing Gabriel and the land of Ahe’ey.

Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover. She is a feisty, slightly preachy, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities. Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination. Sounds like a dream, but it may, in fact, turn into a nightmare.

The world of the Ahe'ey challenges and subverts her views about gender, genes, and nature versus nurture.

The strong and uninvited chemistry between her and the dashing Gabriel makes matters even more complicated. His stunning looks keep short-circuiting her rational mind.

“What do you want from me, Ange’el?”

“Your warriors, they can help secure the area. It’s just for a couple of hours.”

“Are you out of your mind? Has Viviane heard about this? My warriors protect our people from those who threaten our security,” she spoke decisively.

He adjusted his tone, trying to reason with her. Silk and honey flowed from his voice and his eyes. “Sky, we were once—”

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare!” She leaned in, speaking to his face. Her hand squeezed the hilt of her sword. She gritted her teeth, responding to his silence. “Where were you when we battled the Hu’urei for over twenty years? Where was the powerful prince of Ange’el as my warriors died in the battlefield, crushed by the dragons? Why would I risk the safety of Ahe’ey to respond to the whims of a spoiled coward? Go back to your rich city penthouse Ange’el. You don’t belong here.” Her eyes and her words were razor-sharp spears.

“Please. Sky.”

She mounted the horse and galloped away.

His guilty conscience endured her justified anger and her hate for him. He wore her wrath as a reminder of his weakness, of his betrayal. He gave Sky her rage, and he would suffer it for the rest of their lives. The tension between their roles at Ahe’ey only worsened their frail and fractured relationship. Their agendas were different. She was ultimately responsible for the security of the people of Ahe’ey, and within its borders she was as powerful as the queen and king. She was to be obeyed and rarely needed her mighty army to enforce her orders. Gabriel worked to hide any clues of Ahe’ey’s existence from the humans. In parallel, he sponsored and lobbied for technological and political progress so that Ahe’ey’s secrets could one day be disclosed.

Jamie is an accomplished writer and speaker that focuses mainly on topics related to girlhood, feminism, gender equality, and the misrepresentation of minorities in media and marketing.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Fantasy Novel Writing: Traveling on a Ship

Five characters in my Merging Worlds series, all children, find themselves on a ship- transported there by the enemy. Now, I need to realistically write their experience.

I've been on the water a couple of times. Once, I was on a cruise ship in the middle of a storm. That was awesome until I saw the waves. Many stories I've read are set in medieval times and characters often get on ships. I could also pull inspiration for some games and anime.

Even so, It'll be helpful to do my own research on what it's like being on a ship. My story's not set in the Middle Ages but it's several years after the apocalypse. The world is constantly at war so it's Middle Ages-like.

My first stop is Pinterest, as always. I need to know what my characters are seeing.

After looking at pins, I'm reminded that I don't have to stay with a traditional boat. Magic, of sorts, exists in my story and everyone knows about. it People pull energy from Darkness. They could use this energy to do some fun things to ships.

And, after looking at this picture:

I realized I have to figure out what kind of ship my characters are on. As I mentioned before, my story isn't set in the Middle Ages. The world used to be like ours before it ended. Some people could have more modern cargo ships or something similar to a cruise ship.

I might do a combination. Since countries are fighting, I need something that can do battle. I might stick with pirate ships.

Next stop is YouTube for sound effects:

Here's an interesting presentation I found:

Do you have any resources that help you write about traveling by ship?

More Resources
Quora: What was life like aboard a pirate ship in the golden age of piracy?
The Finer Times: Transportation in the Middle Ages
Encyclopedia Britannica: History Of Ships

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